Massage Services

BB50 Signature Massage


This super therapeutic signature massage was created to encompasses all of our tools and modalities. This massage includes warm bamboo, hot stones, deep tissue, gliding cupping, and a specialized percussive massage tool.

60 Minute/$65 * 90 Minute/$95

Deep Tissue/Cupping Combo


This massage is applied with extra pressure and slower massage strokes targeting deeper layers of tissue focusing on specific problem areas of chronic pain due to misalignment, repetitive motions, and past lingering injuries. Cupping is integrated into this massage as needed.                  

60 Minute/$65 * 90 Minute/$95

Warm Bamboo/Hot Stone Massage


This is an advanced massage therapy modality involving the application of warm bamboo and heated basalt stones in direct contact with the skin. It facilitates thermogenesis/cell hydration, promotes lymph drainage and toxin removal, increased range of motion, decongests, relaxes and detoxifies.

60 Minute/$65 * 90 Minute/$95