It has been quite the journey developing Beauty Beyond Fifty.

It began not long after returning home from IraqiFreedom. I came back from the war needing to get reestablished. As I was already a massage therapist, energy practitioner and NSCA certified fitness specialist, I decided I could combine my passions and become a holistic beauty specialist.

I started by acquiring more education as a skin specialist at a school specializing in esthetics. Upon completion I immediately furthered my education receiving considerable training which included the longest, most in depth laser training in the industry through the National Laser Institute .

It was there I also trained in other types of equipment and advanced skin care which would eventually help me to bring about alternative treatments to the collagen enhancing  lasers for which I was trained.

As both a massage therapist and esthetician I  quickly became aware of how I could customize an effective natural approach to my mature beauty treatments. I continued with facial cupping, followed with facial acupressure, ayurveda, japanese facial massage, indian head & face massage, gua sha, and facial poultice finishing up with small amount of bio-magnetic therapy in which I still have much to learn. I am fascinated with the knowledge these ancient practices have to confer.

I have also studied skincare and makeup for aging skin along with being certifiably trained in sleek brows, nova lash, keratin infusion and brow rehab.

Maintaining myself as a  NSCA-Certified Fitness Specialist and Energy Practitioner allowed me to make it a priority to include postural restructuring, mind/body fitness, herbs and nutrition helping me to develop more of an understanding on how to treat beauty, health and wellness that is specific to conditions reflective of the aging process with the face, eyes jawline and neck.

As someone who is over fifty  herself I am aware of what matters most to those of us with aging skin. I am friendly and welcome you to come in for a tour or consult anytime.