Beauty Beyond Fifty
Holistic Beauty Specialist (Beauty Thru Health)


Treat Yourself To A Unique Beauty Massage

Locations of age spots, puffy or dark eyes, sagging jawline, wrinkles of the neck and depth of wrinkles are reflective of imbalances within the body. We specialize in advanced forms of facial massage that include Japanese Facial Massage, Gua Sha Facial Fushion, and Indian/Ayurveda.

Skincare, Massage & Bodywork

We work with mature skin conditions implementing a combination of facial modalities, earth derived tools and natural skincare products specific to individual needs. In addition to this we offer guidance on how to stop skin from aging more, self facial massage instruction and on ways to naturally target skin health, and beauty from the inside out with the help of postural re-alignment as needed. We also provide full body massages and energetic therapy.

You Can't Turn The Clock Back, But You Can Rewind It

You don't have to be over fifty to become a more beautiful you beyond fifty, a lot of smart consumers start early. Take advantage of the first hand knowledge and care we have worked so hard to develop. Schedule your appointment today!